Lajla Hats: Hand-crafted Textile Landscapes

All Lajla’s hats are hand-crocheted using high quality, natural and hand dyed yarns to produce comfortable, durable and one of a kind textures and shapes.

Drawing on her classical and architectural training, Lajla’s work reflects a play on light, air, water, earth and architectural structures. 

Upcoming Events

Circle Craft Christmas Market
Nov 8-12, 2023

Booth H6

One of a Kind Christmas Show
Nov 23 – Dec 3, 2023

Booth W33

Winter 22/23 Collection

Cat Cap

Lajla Nuhic

  • Born and educated in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Studied Architecture and Fine Arts
  • Worked as an Architect in Germany and Bosnia  
  • Crocheting since childhood
  • 25 years of creating wearable textiles in Canada

Formerly an architect, I set aside my career in order to return to my first passion: the magical process of creating intricate objects by hand. I have been crocheting, weaving, needle-pointing and knitting since toddler-hood.

I have always been fascinated by what can be sculpted from a yarn and a needle, and inspiration I draw from nature, landscape and architecture can now be seen in my work.

I have a passion for creating useful and original objects, and it brings me joy to see people wearing the creations I put so much love into.

Hat making is a creative process and no two of my hats come out identical – please keep this in mind if you are ordering custom hats..

I also love knowing that your hat is completely one of a kind!

One of a kind winter hats!

Use this guide to help find the right hat size for your unique head.

Dry clean or hand wash cold with mild soap.

Hand dyed natural wool or/and alpaca

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